From one heartfelt contribution to one spectacular recital.

Help us bring colorful music into a colorful community!

Dear Friends,

What has music done for you?

Music is a powerful thing, recording emotions from centuries ago for today’s children, halting wars when mutual enemies share the same songs. In today’s day and age, almost everyone has been touched by a melody.

We believe that our music can make a difference, so we’d like to invite you as a friend in the community.

Your generous support will help…

  • Provide programs for our 300+ attendees per concert
  • Grant reasonable stipends to our choir director and accompanists
  • Enhance our music resources so we can deliver accessible, stellar performance
  • Connect the East and the West in our diverse community

Download our sponsorship-reply-form (docx) (pdf). Please consider purchasing an ad in our program book or making a tax deductible contribution.

From classical European hymns to Broadway musicals; ancient Chinese sonnets to Italian operas; soul music to jazz and blues. Our unique, cross-cultural repertoire has always been a love letter to Boston’s multiethnic population. CCCS has performed many of these love letters since 1992. This year as well, we hope to bring you two unforgettable concerts and many months of nostalgia to come.

So please ask, what has music done for you? And what can we all do for music?

See you at our winter concert on December 15th!!

San San Lee and Yu-Hsien Wei

CCCS Sponsorship Leads