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MIT CCCS 2018 秋季招生 Fall Auditions

CCCS is now recruiting new members for the fall 2018 season. We are looking for 3-6 sopranos/altos and 4-8 tenors/basses. Rehearsals are on Fridays 8-10pm at MIT 4-270, starting September 7th. New singers are welcome to apply for the audition and come prepared with a song of your choice.

Date and time: Friday 9/7 and 9/14 7-8pm
Location: MIT Building 4, Room 4-270

Please email audition@mitcccs.org

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劍橋合唱團將於九月初招募新團員,預計招收女聲3-6名,男聲4-8名。新樂季於9月7日起每週五晚間8點在 MIT 4-270教室練唱。試音請準備一首自選曲,並事先約定試音時段。試音期間歡迎自由參觀並加入練唱。

地點:MIT 4-270教室

試音者請寄確認信到 audition@mitcccs.org

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cccs-officers@mit.edu / 617-615-6108


MIT CCCS 2018 Spring Concert: 【賦別】Every End is a New Beginning


MIT CCCS 2018 Spring Concert: 【賦別】Every End Is a New Beginning

MIT Cambridge Chinese Choral Society (CCCS), the premier Chinese-language choral group in the Greater Boston area, will perform its 2018 Spring Concert “Every End Is a New Beginning” on Saturday, May 26, 7:30 PM at MIT Kresge Auditorium.

Coinciding with the centennial of the end of World War I and taking place on Memorial Day weekend, the program revolves around themes of parting and remembrance. The centerpiece of the concert is Howard Goodall’s Eternal Light: A Requiem, while the Chinese-language selections give a nod to graduating students and the immigrant community, for whom parting is an inevitable shared experience.

Eternal Light: A Requiem is a contemporary requiem by British composer Howard Goodall that removes the heavier parts about “judgment” and “damnation” the traditional Latin text, replacing them with classical English poems focused on bidding farewell and eternal rest.

Leading up to the requiem are several highly emotional Mandarin and Taiwanese choral classics including The Sojourner by Tyzen Hsiao, To Forget by Huang Yau-tai, and Farewell in City South by Jenny H. Chou and John P. Ordway.

Whether you are an immigrant, veteran, graduating student, or simply interested in choral music, “Every End Is a New Beginning” is promised to be a memorable experience for everyone this Memorial Day weekend.

For ticketing info please email contact@mitcccs.org or call 617-615-6108

【賦別】Every End Is a New Beginning

劍橋合唱團 2018 春季音樂會


春夏是繁花盛開的季節,也是校園畢業師生離別的季節。2018年五月,劍橋合唱團將演繹當代英國作曲家Howard Goodall在一戰終戰90週年時所譜寫的永恆之光安魂曲」(Eternal Light: A Requiem)、 黃友棣的「遺忘」、蕭泰然的「出外人」、以及周鑫泉的「城南送別」。由顏毓芬博士指揮,鋼琴家林宜穎伴奏。

地點:MIT Kresge Auditorium (48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139)


MIT CCCS 2018 春季招生 Spring Auditions

CCCS is now recruiting new members for the upcoming season. We are looking for 2-5 sopranos/altos, 3-7 tenors/bass. Rehearsals are on Fridays 8-10pm at MIT 4-270, starting from January 19th. New singers are welcome to apply for the audition and come prepared with a song of your choice.

Date and time: Friday 1/19 and 1/26 7-8pm
Location: MIT Building 4, Room 4-270

Reserve your spot online!

劍橋合唱團將於一月初招募新團員,預計招收女聲2-5名,男聲3-7名。新樂季於1月19日起每週五晚間8點在 MIT 4-270教室練唱。試音請準備一首自選曲,並事先約定試音時段。試音期間歡迎自由參觀並加入練唱。

地點:MIT 4-270教室


cccs-officers@mit.edu / 617-615-6108


劍橋合唱團25週年音樂會 – 記憶‧童年 / Tale as Old as Time

MIT Cambridge Chinese Choral Society (CCCS) will be performing its Winter concert “Tale as Old as Time – featuring CCCS 25 years”, including Disney theme songs “Sing-along”.

This concert will be conducted by the University of Illinois Choral Conducting DMA Dr. Yufen Yen, and accompanied by current Boston University Piano DMA student I-Ying Lin. Please come and enjoy a night of Disney with your entire family.

For ticket info, contact: tickets@mitcccs.org
For volunteer opportunity, contact: contact@mitcccs.org


地點:MIT Morss Hall, Walker Memorial (142 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA)

如有任何其他問題,請洽 tickets@mitcccs.org 或致電617-615-6108


MIT CCCS 2017 秋季招生

Sign up / 註冊:

劍橋合唱團將於8月下旬起招募新團員,新樂季於8月18日起每週五晚間8點在 MIT 4-270教室練唱,並於 8/25, 9/1 晚間7:00-8:00開放試音。預計招收女聲 1~3 名,男高音 2~4 名,男低音 3~5 名。試音請準備一首自選曲,並事先約定試音時段。試音期間歡迎自由參觀並加入練唱。詢問加入或預約試音請連絡 cccs-officers@mit.edu,在 doodle 上註冊時間或電話617-615-6108.

Starting from August, CCCS will be recruiting for new members for its upcoming season. We are looking for soprano/alto (1-3), tenor (2-4), bass (3-5). Our fall season starts from August 18th and rehearsals are on Fridays at MIT 4-270 from 8-10pm. For audition, please come prepared with a song of your choice.

Audition date and time: 8/25, 9/1; 7-8pm. Please
– email cccs-officers@mit.edu
– sign up on doodle
– call 617-615-6108 in advance to reserve your spot.

MIT CCCS 2017 Spring Concert: 【聽泉】Listen to the Spring: To Africa, Dream Chaser!

CCCS-2017-spring v2

Listen to the Spring: To Africa, Dream Chaser!
MIT CCCS 2017 Spring Concert May 21st, 7PM at MIT Kresge Auditorium

MIT Cambridge Chinese Choral Society (CCCS) will be performing its 2017 Spring Concert
“Listen to the Spring: To Africa, Dream Chaser!” on Sunday night, 5/21, 7PM at MIT Kresge Auditorium (48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA).

“Listen to the Spring: To Africa, Dream Chaser!” showcases music from two distinctive cultures. We will be performing new choral pieces of folk and Taiwanese songs, as well as traditional choral music based on Chinese poetry.

Then we will bring you to East Africa and explore the currently popular Missa Kenya composition. By adding French horn and percussion plus adapting his experience in Kenyatta University, composer Paul Basler merges East Africa and Western culture to produce a most dramatic yet harmonic music. Joining by instrumentalists from Boston Conservatory, we promise our concert will be an unforgettable musical experience that you don’t want to miss!

This concert will be conducted by the University of Illinois Choral Conducting DMA Dr. Yufen Yen, and accompanied by current Boston University Piano DMA candidate I-Ying Lin. For ticket information, please email us at cccs-officers@mit.edu. Checks only at the door.

MIT CCCS will start recruitment for the Fall of 2017 after the Spring concert. Our choral group rehearses regularly at 8 PM on Friday nights at MIT. If you are interested in being part of MIT CCCS, please reach out to us directly after the concert. You may also contact us at 217-979- 9719, or email us at cccs-officer@mit.edu.

劍橋合唱團 2017春季音樂會【聽泉】
5月21日 晚間7點 MIT Kresge Auditorium

劍橋合唱團5月21日星期日晚間7點將在麻省理工學院Kresge Auditorium
(48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA) 舉行2017春季音樂會【聽泉 】。

本次音樂會上下半場風格迥異。上半場將演出台灣校園民歌及當代青年作曲家的作作品,包括劉新誠改編的「聽泉」、冉天豪作曲的「尋夢者」(原為戴望舒詩作)、「願」(原為蔣勳詩作)、現居波士頓的鋼琴家周鑫泉作曲的「去罷」(原為徐志摩詩作)、林育伶的台語合唱曲「四季的風」。下半場的「肯亞彌撒Missa Kenya」是作曲家Paul Basler將自己在東非肯亞的教學經驗與西方音樂融合的美麗果實,將邀請波士頓音樂院的法國號演奏家呂佳鴻、打擊樂手鄭育薇、張慈恩跨界演出。最後還有最受團員熱愛的隱藏曲目,精彩可期。

本次音樂會由顏毓芬博士擔任指揮,波士頓大學鋼琴博士候選人林宜穎擔任伴奏,近40位熱愛合唱音樂的歌手擔綱演出。演出憑票入場,購票請洽cccs-officers@mit.edu 。現場購票僅收支票。

聯絡電話:217-979-9719,Email: cccs-officers@mit.edu

NEACP 39th Annual Meeting Oct. 29, Saturday, at MIT 32-123

MIT-CCCS is proud to be co-hosting the 39th annual meeting with NEACP on Oct. 29, 2016, Saturday, 8am – 5pm, at MIT Kirsch Auditorium, Building 32, Room 123.  MIT-CCCS’ Cambridge Ensemble will be performing 3 songs to the audiences that are part of the speaker series this year.  We are very fortunate to have outstanding speakers: Prof. HT Kung of Harvard University, Prof. Hung Cheng of MIT, Director and Prof. Michael Szonyi of Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese studies, and Prof. Fred Hsia of NCKU.  Attached is the flyer and program for your reference.

Registration please visit the eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/neacp-39th-annual-conference-tickets-27668230422 . I’m sure NEACP community will benefit greatly from these speakers’ enormous wisdom and experience.  Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

9/14/2016 「台灣之聲」音樂會 台大EMBA x 劍橋合唱團聯合演出

MIT劍橋合唱團訂於9月14日星期三晚間七點半在劍橋第一教堂(First Church in Cambridge, 11 Garden St, Cambridge, MA)與首度訪美的台灣大學EMBA合唱團聯合演出「台灣之聲」音樂會。


劍橋合唱團八月份開始新樂季練唱與招生,每週五晚間8點在MIT教室練習,歡迎有志於演唱或協助團務行政的志工加入。聯絡電話:217-979-9719 │Email: cccs-officers@mit.edu

9/14/2016 “The Voice of Taiwan” NTU-EMBA Chamber Choir Concert Tour hosted by MIT CCCS

MIT CCCS is hosting a joint concert with the NTU-EMBA Chamber Choir on 9/14/2016, Wednesday night 7:30 PM at the First Church in Cambridge, 11 Garden St, Cambridge, MA.

National Taiwan University EMBA Chamber Choir was established in 2003. The members include EMBA classmates, alumni, relatives and friends. The purposes of the organization is to provide an opportunity to learn to sing together, team building, and through these to contribute to our social obligations. The most important mission is to promote Taiwanese art and culture locally and globally.  The purpose of the this concert tour is to present the beauty of Taiwanese songs with the communities in Boston and New York.

NTU-EMBA Chamber Choir has participated in more than forty concerts, with performance pieces including Fang Rong Ko’s “228 requiem”, Beethoven’s “9th symphony”, John Rutter’s “Gloria”, and Schubert’s “Mass No.6” at the Taiwan National Concert Hall.  The EMBA Chamber Choir is conducted by Miss Meng Hsien Peng, who is also the conductor of Taipei Muller Chamber Choir that won the grand prize of International Johannes Brahms’ choir competition in 2015.


劍橋合唱團電子報第二期 (MIT-CCCS Newsletter) 2016.04



劍橋合唱團 2016春季音樂會

5月21日 晚間 7:30 MIT Kresge Auditorium 

劍橋合唱團本次將呈現兩首由管風琴伴奏的重量級宗教歌曲:20世紀英國作曲家布列頓的「Rejoice in the lamb」(在羔羊裡欣喜),以及特別邀請到新英格蘭音樂院女高音蒲飛翎擔任獨唱的孟德爾頌合唱作品「Hear My Prayer」(聽我祈禱)。

文藝復興時期的英國牧歌、蘇格蘭詩人Robert Burns的詩作、以及台灣校園民歌「今山古道」、「忘了我是誰」、「浮雲遊子」,則圍繞著對人間豐盛悲歡的眷戀。

In Heaven, On Earth

MIT CCCS 2016 Spring Concert

May 21st, 7:30 PM at MIT Kresge Auditorium

In this concert, CCCS will be combining the sounds of organ and vocal, bringing a very different choral experience. CCCS has invited Ms. Fei Ling Pu, a Soprano singer from the New England Conservatory as the soloist for the choral piece “Hear My Prayer” composed by Mendelssohn. In addition, CCCS will be performing the organ choral piece, “Rejoice in the lamb”, composed by the world renown English Composer Benjamin Britten. Other songs include choral pieces composed with poems written by the Scottish Poet, Robert Burns, as well as several well-known Taiwanese folk songs. The concert will bring exciting dynamics to everyone that is not to be missed.

Newton Taiwan Day is Coming!
Join us with 2000+ party-goers on Saturday, May 7th forTaiwan Day Festival !劍橋合唱團最高男高音屠澤寬擔綱主持,劍橋小和聲野台獻唱。



CCCS 2016 Summer Workshop


日期:初級班 June 3, 10, 17, 24 (Fridays) 8-10pm

進階班 July 8, 15, 22, 29 (Fridays)  8-10pm
地點:MIT 4-270教室





報名請洽cccs-officers@mit.edu 或 217-979-9719

團員專訪:周慶瑛 Julia Jou                        


My name is Julia Jou and I am an alto in the choir.  I have been a member of CCCS since 1998. I work for state government as the Budget Director for the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education.

I didn’t have any choir experience before I joined CCCS other than attending music class in elementary school. I enjoy listening to many kinds of music so appreciate the variety of music we sing in the choir ranging from classical to Broadway.

I joined the choir because I wanted to meet more friends in the Chinese community after having grown up mostly in United States.  My parents had operated a restaurant in Somerville at the time and one of the customers was a member and told me about CCCS and encouraged me to join.

I have become good friends with many of the members in the choir over the last 18 years and stayed in touch with several of them even after they have left the choir.   We would have a mini CCCS reunion whenever I visit Taiwan.  I had a difficult time at the beginning singing the alto part. I often ended up singing some of the soprano part because the melody is either more familiar or easier to follow. Fortunately with the help of fellow Alto members and conductors, I learned to sing the Alto part more consistently now.  I am also part of the Cambridge Ensemble which performs separate pieces in the concert as well as representing CCCS in outside performances.

I have been involved in the management of the choir both as treasurer (past and present) and as president.  When I was president, the choir was down to 12 members (mostly women) since so many members had left and we weren’t able to recruit new ones.  I didn’t give up on the choir because I enjoyed singing in the choir and I could tell how much the community appreciates our performances.

I am happy to see the number of new members who are willing to contribute their time and effort to raise funds for the choir and promote CCCS to a wider audience. I believe that CCCS will only get stronger in the future with the support of its members.

團員專訪:徐子宜 Ziyi Xu 





劍橋合唱團的氣氛融洽,每個人都非常友善。大家來自各行各業,有著不同的生活經歷,這些並沒有妨礙到團員之間的相處,反而讓各自更加珍惜每週五的排練。在我看來,每週五的排練是一個學習的過程,學習如何與他人相處以及如何配合其他聲部和聲,我個人非常享受。特別重要的是, 團員對於音樂的熱愛以及團內工作的配合,尤其是指揮、團長和委員會對每季演唱會的精心安排,讓我覺得劍橋合唱團有非常強的凝聚力和生命力。

New Season Recruitment Starts this August 劍橋合唱團八月起招募新團員

Every Friday 8 PM at MIT

Contact us: cccs-officers@mit.edu │ 217-979-9719

CCCS is a volunteer-based non-profit organization. We need your support  to continue sharing our unique music and culture with our community.  Please consider making a Donation and become a friend of CCCS.
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