JoecyTaiwan native, pianist I-Ying Lin completed her master degree and Graduate Performance Diploma at The Boston Conservatory with four-year scholarship and Partnering Pianists Award under the guidance of Ya-Fei Chuang. She is currently studying the doctoral degree in piano performance at Boston University with Boaz Sharon.

Ms. Lin has performed as a soloist and chamber musician throughout the States, Taiwan, and Europe. She has appeared in festivals such as Mozarteum Summer Acadamie and Vianden International Musical Festival.

In addition to be a soloist, Ms. Lin is also an active accompanist at Boston area. She is currently a staff accompanist at The Boston Conservatory and Cambridge Chinese Choral Society.

於 2010年與2012年分別取得波士頓音樂院(The Boston Conservatory)鋼琴演奏碩士學位及演奏家文憑,現於波士頓大學(Boston University)攻讀博士學位,現師事Prof. Boaz Sharon。

具有豐富音樂會伴奏經驗,並曾於台灣、美國多次舉辦聯合音樂會與個人獨奏會,亦於奧地利薩爾茲堡的Mozarteum Summer Academy與盧森堡的Vianden International Music Festival中演出。曾於2008-2010年擔任波士頓音樂院之合唱團伴奏,現為該校之staff accompanist,並自2011年起擔任波士頓MIT劍橋合唱團之伴奏。